How will I pay for it?

There are many ways you can get help to pay for the cost of going to uni.

Some help is through loans that need to be repaid, but only once you are earning over a certain amount. Some is through grants that don’t need to be paid back.

Some funding comes from the government and some is from universities and colleges, charities or other sources.

Choose the country you usually live in below to find out more about what is available.

Please keep checking our Coronavirus (Covid-19) information pages pages for updates on changes affecting student finance.

EU Applicants

If you’re applying from the EU, EEA or Switzerland for a course beginning starting on or after August the 1st 2021, the rules on accessing student finance have changed.

  • The UK government has produced guidance for EU students who wish to apply for finance to study in the UK after Brexit.
  • More information and guidance is available from UKCISA.

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