For teachers and advisers

Discover Uni offers you information you can trust to help you advise your students about the best options for them.

Higher education changes all the time and it can be difficult to keep up with the different types of courses and ways to study, and the financial support that is available.

Discover Uni is a free and independent resource. It has been developed by the organisations that fund and regulate higher education in the UK for prospective students and those who support them. It is designed to help them make sense of the information that’s out there, and to find and understand what’s relevant and useful to them. Its aim is to help students make an informed choice about whether, where and what to study.

It has two main areas:

  • The first offers helpful facts and information to help your child decide what’s right for them.
  • The second lets them find courses and compare key information, such as graduate earnings and what students think about the courses.

Our research has shown that students are often overwhelmed by the amount of information that is available about higher education or find it difficult to know where to start. Discover Uni helps users navigate this complex information landscape, taking them through the decision making process and signposting to relevant sources of information.

Discover Uni covers the whole of the decision making journey through to application, so it doesn’t matter where your student are on that journey, there will be information relevant to them.

What information does it have?

Some of the key areas are:

How will I pay for it?

This section on student finance explains the different types of funding available. It can help you to understand the support your child could get to pay for tuition fees or their living costs, and also where they might be entitled to extra support.

About higher education

This page talks through what higher education actually means and explains the different options for studying, including apprenticeships.

Why go to uni?

This page outlines some of the benefits of higher education to help you and your child think about what they could get out of it.

How to choose a course

Some things will be more important to your students than others when deciding what and where to study. This section outlines some of the main things they may want to consider and explains how to find and understand information about these.

Discover Uni also has links to other quality information sources and makes suggestions about what you can do to find out more.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

This page gives up to date information on the coronavirus pandemic including how this has caused changes to exams and the way in which admissions will take place this year.

We have designed some resources for students, advisers and teachers to support students to make the best higher education choice for them.

You can look at the resources on our Downloadable Resources Page.

In this section we provide links to useful resources external to Discover Uni for teachers and advisers of students seeking information about higher education.

  • My Global Bridge focuses on helping schools and students demonstrate attributes beyond grades; it is secure platform built by teachers that provides a connection between schools, HE/FE and industry that provides students a digital record of achievement.

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