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The Discover Uni website is owned and operated by the UK higher education funding and regulatory bodies:

It includes official statistics about higher education courses taken from national surveys and data collected from universities and colleges about all their students.

Read our sections below for information for providers, including:

  • how to submit or amend the course information displayed on Discover Uni
  • guidance on the configuration and display of the Discover Uni widget on your own course pages.

The data on Discover Uni is called the Unistats dataset. We operate the Unistats data collection in partnership with the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

OfS-registered higher education providers in England, and providers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are required to submit an annual Unistats submission to HESA which includes details of their eligible undergraduate courses. To find out if a course is eligible to be included in the Unistats dataset, please see the coverage statement on the HESA website.

Discover Uni displays the most recent Unistats data - currently the 2022 Unistats dataset. This dataset contains information relevant to courses that will run in the 2023-24 academic year.

Full details can be found in the Unistats 2022 publication, published by the UK funding bodies:

Providers can update their existing information on Discover Uni by resubmitting their data to HESA.

Newly registered providers in England are required to submit and sign off a Unistats return within two months of the date of registration.

Detailed guidance on the content of the data collection is available on the HESA website. For specific queries on the Unistats data collection, please contact the HESA Liaison team: [email protected].

Further details on the data items we publish on course pages can be found on our 'about our data' page.

Provider contact details

The Unistats 22 dataset contains provider names and contact details from the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP). Discover Uni will present this information as it is set out in the provider's own UKRLP record under the 'provider trading name'. If no trading name exists on UKRLP, the legal name is used instead.

Providers can update their UKRLP record at any time, and any changes made will be reflected on Discover Uni after the Unistats weekly release.

The Discover Uni widget is embedded on course pages on provider websites, and provides a headline of the Unistats data associated with that course, as well as a direct link to the corresponding course page on Discover Uni. Providers are expected to display a widget on their course pages for each course that is present on Discover Uni.

The data displayed on the widget will be:

  • The percentage of students in the National Student Survey that agreed they were overall satisfied.
  • The percentage of students in the National Student Survey that agreed that staff were good at explaining things.
  • The percentage of students in work or further study after 15 months from the Graduate Outcomes survey.

Our guidance on how to implement the widget can be found on the HESA website. The widget must be configured according to the instructions given in the guidance to avoid display and functionality issues. Like the course pages on the Discover Uni website, all information provided on the widget is pulled from the Unistats dataset, so all details provided to configure the widget must match the corresponding course information submitted in the Unistats dataset.

Please note that the widget may not display all the data items listed above if the data is not available on the corresponding course page on Discover Uni – please see the guidance for full details.

If you have any queries about the Discover Uni widget, please contact us: [email protected].

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